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Supreme Would Like to Welcome You to the Tiny Friends Farm


Small pet food is a confusing market for consumers to navigate even though Russel Rabbit, Gerty Guinea Pig, and Harry Hamster are brand-leading names in the industry. To help ease some confusion around buying the best food and treats for customer’s small pets, Supreme is introducing the Tiny Friends Farm brand.

This brand redesign gives an umbrella for the existing names of Russel and his friends to exist under, but also something that is instantly identifiable to customers on the shelf. This translates to quicker turn around, happier customers, and most importantly, happier pets.

Starting on February 12, Russel Rabbit and Reggie Rat foods will be the first ones to transition to the new Tiny Friends Farm brand. Below we have listed the old UPC codes, as well as the new Tiny Friends Farm ordering and packaging information:

Russel Rabbit 6lb

  • Old Product information: #3116, UPC 730582205059
  • New Product information: #3120, UPC 730582211746
  • Same product size, case pack, and price

Reggie Rat 2lb

  • Old Product information:#5516, UPC 730582205011
  • New Product information: #5517, UPC 730582211708
  • Same product size, case pack, and price

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