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Applaws Ingredient Check: Beta Glucan

Now that Applaws Dry Cat food is being available across the US, it’s important to know what is in the food you are selling. Applaws Dry Cat is enriched with Beta Glucan, which is promoted directly on the bag.

So what is Beta Glucan and why does it matter? Essentially, Beta Glucan is an all natural yeast that helps promote skin, joint, and immune health in cats. Here is what Applaws says about Beta Glucan:

  • Beta Glucan is an all-natural, food based supplement which is derived from the cell wall of baker’s yeast (Saccharomyes cerevisae). Technically it is a highly refined carbohydrate made up of a string of glucose molecules with the fats, proteins and other polysaccharides removed.
  • Beta Glucan stimulates a white blood cell called the macrophage, that is responsible for numerous actions which protect and enhance the immune systems response to potential danger.
  • The Beta Glucan in Applaws passes through the stomach to the intestine virtually unchanged, supporting everyday detoxifying processes as well as maintaining healthy intestinal flora.
  • Research backs up the use of Beta Glucan for immune health and protection.

To learn more, check out the Applaws Beta Glucan FAQ page here.

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