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Hamster Health: What You Should Know

Over the past few weeks you may have noticed a trend in the Supreme articles we’ve been writing. Each have featured the Science Selective retailer training video available to you! But, now that you know that nutritional value of the Science Selective product, how do you apply that to the smallest member of the Supreme family?

Check out what your friends at Supreme have to say about Hamster food and health:

  • In their natural habitat Hamsters eat a range of grasses, wind-blown seeds and grain. Hamsters are often mistaken as herbivores, but they are omnivores and do need protein in their diet to keep them healthy.
  •  The bulk of their diet is cereals and other hard foods, which are chewed and digested slowly. This slow eating would make them easy targets in the wild, so they would normally bring their food back to their burrow to eat it in the safety of their own home. This also allows them to hoard spare food, in case it becomes difficult to find at a later date.
  • Hamsters need feeding every day. As they are nocturnal an evening feed is better for them. They will normally wake at feeding time and will be happy to play with you once they have been fed.
  • A good quality, heavy, earthenware food bowl is best to keep the food dry and clean. Their bowls must be cleaned after every use.
  • Do not give foods that contain whole oats as these can puncture hamsters’ delicate cheek pouches.
  • To help keep your Hamster’s teeth healthy, you need to provide lots of hay and perhaps a gnawing block and safe twigs to chew, such as apple, hazel or willow.
  • You can also feed treats from your garden such as broccoli, cucumber, sweet potato and carrot but remember; too much green food can cause diarrhoea – a Hamster’s natural habitat is in dry deserts bereft of greenery!
  • Never give sticky foods, as they will stick to their pouches.

Want to know more? Remember your manufacturer websites are always available to you and provide a wealth of knowledge. See what Supreme has to say about Selective Science: Hamster.

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