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Pets can Do New Years’ Resolutions Too With Fruitables Food Supplements

TSP: Tell customers that have New Year’s Resolutions that their pets can too! Start by feeding their pets better food with Fruitables

Nearly 50% of Americans made New Year’s Resolutions to have a healthier life. Why not interest these same customers with a resolution for their pets as well? Being fit and healthy can be an activity for people and their pets. Fruitables offers a line of Dietary Supplements that aids in the switching from standard dog food to something a little more healthy. These supplements come packed with pumpkin, potato, and other natural ingredients to support a food transition to a diet that encourages weight loss and healthy living. (Afterall, studies show that a healthy and lean pet can help with the pet owners’ “spend less money” resolution too.)

Check out Fruitable’s Food Supplement section to see which products would be right for your customers who are looking to continue their resolutions.

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