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New Fruitables Pet Products

Fruitables has announced it’s new 2014 products and shipping dates. Learn more about these products below and don’t hesitate to add them to your 3rd and 4th quarter selling line-up. Fruitables has maintained a consumer-directed approach, listening to pet owners needs, wants, and issues. Use this information as a way to stock your retailer’s shelves with products developed by way of consumer ideas and feedback.

Fruitables Greek Yogurt Flavors 7 oz. Size 

Fruitables 2014 greek coconut  Fruitables 2014 greek vanillaFruitables 2014 greek strawberry

Fruitables Skinny Minis 12 oz. Value Size 

Fruitables 2014 salmon skinny Fruitables 2014 apple bacon skinny

Fruitables Snowflake Flavor 7 oz. Size 

Fruitables 2014 snowflake

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