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The Tiny Friends Farm will Appeal to Homes that Have More than Just Cats and Dogs

TSP: 61% of American households have more than one pet. With 18.1 million small animals to be served, show them the Tiny Friends Farm

The Tiny Friends Farm is in full effect! With the new look rolling out to stores across the country this summer, make sure to keep the Tiny Friends Farm at the forefront of your sales pitches. There are 18 million small animals living in home across the country, and most of these animals live in households that have cats and dogs as well. Customers who have multiple pets within their homes spend more time and money each shopping trip looking for the best food for their pets.

With this huge market for small animals, pet stores can’t afford to only offer cat and dog products. The healthy options for rabbits, gerbils, and other small animals offered by the Tiny Friends Farm will catch the eyes of these pet owners. If you haven’t yet ordered what you need to shift over to the Tiny Friends Farm brand, below we’ve got the information you need to roll out these exciting new food lines!

Remember, in addition to the Buy One Get One free offer that includes a free bag of 6lb Russel Rabbit Food, we have listed the contents of this packaged kit below:

  • 2 units of every treat, 11 in total
  • Additional 2 sets of the Russel Rabbit Treats (4 in total)
  • 1 Bag of the 6lb Russel Rabbit Food – for free
  • Shelf Wobbler
  • Updated Product Catalog

If you haven’t yet already heard, orders begin on May 1st, so plan yours now. The first supply of these kits will be low, so order sooner rather than later to make sure you get what you need. We’ve got the single UPC you need to order to get yours:

  • Dealer price per case: $17.94
  • MSRP Value: $101.76
  • Item #: 8170


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