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ADVANTEK’s Pet Gazebo Helps Keeps Animals Safe and Shaded During Summer’s Hottest Play Days

TSP: As weather gets warmer and days get longer, ADVANTEK’s Pet Gazebo products keep animals out of the hot summer sun.  

As we move toward the middle of the year, Summer is quickly approaching. Keeping safe and healthy in the increased sun and head is a top priority for many people across the country, but don’t forget the pets! All animals that spend extended periods of time outside need a shaded area with plenty of water to keep hydrated. ADVANTEK’s Pet Gazebo is the perfect structure to not only keep family pets cool, but safe as well.

Finding a pet shelter more spacious, flexible, and pet-friendly is hard to find outside of the Pet Gazebo. ADVANTEK’s solution to this problem can be easily broken down for travel to the local dog park, but also sturdy enough to stay in place at home in the back yard. The base Gazebo offers plenty of space, but its modular design offers plenty of ability to expand if extra space is needed.

Offering such a versatile product in the Pet Gazebo aligns perfectly with ADVANTEK’s mission as a company; make simply better products. When you stock your stores with an item that is easy for the owner to use, but one that the pet loves, you gain customers for life.

To learn more about the Pet Gazebo line, head over to ADVANTEK’s Pet Gazebo page.

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