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Cater to the Growing Farm to Table Food Trend with ADVANTEK Chicken Hutches

TSP: The farm to table trend is sweeping the country and people need hutches to keep their backyard chickens safe. ADVANTEK should be your first suggestion.

People love food, and the latest craze to sweep the food landscape is farm-to-table. Having food and its origins as close as possible to ensure the freshness is huge across the country and world right now. Suburban and urban farming, once left for the hardcore foodies, is now becoming more mainstream. To serve these customers, make sure to mention ADVANTEK’s great line of poultry hutches.

Big enough to comfortably fit multiple chickens, but small enough for the backyard, these hutches are the perfect solution for urban farmers. Being from ADVANTEK’s Gone Green line, every piece in this hutch is environmentally friendly to benefit the chickens and the earth.

To see the entire ADVANTEK hutch line, head to their website.

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