The Selling Point

Introduce Your Customers to the New Supreme Brand, Tiny Friends Farm

TSP: A new name, list of ingredients, and brand look will help customers find what they love about Supreme faster and keep them coming back for more.  

You may have heard by now, but Supreme has recently taken their individually great small animal food products and brought them under one roof. Russel Rabbit, Gerty Gerbil, and other friends will now be joining under the new Tiny Friends Farm brand. This rebrand not only creates a coherent brand will pay dividends for retailers and customers, but includes a new formula to keep pets happy and healthy.

Keep in mind, focusing on all types of animal foods has major benefits for stores. Recent studies have shown that if customers feel confident in purchasing their small animal foods from a brand that they know and trust, like the Tiny Friends Farm, those same customers will actually spend more time in the dog and cat food sections of the store. To learn more about Supreme’s rebrand and how it can affect customer satisfaction and sales numbers, head to our blog to read more straight from Supreme.


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