The Selling Point

ADVANTEK’s Gone Green Rabbit Hutches Will Impress Small Animal Owners

TSP: Small animal pet owners are a huge market and ADVANTEK products make both the customer and those animals happy.

Dog and cat foods may get the big play, but don’t forget about those owners across the country that have small animals in their homes. Nearly 2.5 million houses have small animals to buy for, and with the weather starting to warm up soon, ADVANTEK’s Gone Green White Picket Fence Hutch should be one of the first recommendations on your list. These hutches offer rabbits and other small animals plenty of space and security to get their exercise and relaxation as well.

And if the customer still isn’t sold, make sure to mention that ADVANTEK’s Gone Green products are built from top-to-bottom with sustainably manufactured pieces. To learn more about ADVANTEK’s small animal offerings and other products in the Gone Green line, head to their website.


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