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Fruitables Greek Yogurt Treats are The Perfect Spring Snack

TSP: For customers who are teaching their pets new tricks this spring, suggest Fruitables Greek Yogurt treats as incentives.

It may be cold now, but warmer weather will eventually get here and pet owners will start bringing their four-legged friends out for walks, runs, and playtimes. For any customers trying to train their new puppies or teach old dogs new tricks, Fruitables should be the name that you recommend. The Greek Yogurt line of treats comes with delicious flavors like coconut, vanilla, and strawberry that pets love, and owners can rest easy knowing that the treats only have nine calories.

When pets come into your store, you can be sure to make a new friend by suggesting Fruitables to their owner. And even better, Fruitables has a wide variety of flavors and tastes to keep pets and pet owners happy around the year; now’s the time to introduce them. To check out the Greek Yogurt line as well as the rest of the Fruitables SKUs head to their website.


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