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Applaws Pet Foods are Perfect for Pet Owners Looking Out for their Pet’s Health

TSP: Surveys show nearly 70% of pet owners are willing to spend extra money to ensure their pets health. Make sure to mention Applaws to these customers.

The biggest trend in pet products right now is undoubtedly the push for healthier and organic pet foods. Years of rising pet obesity and the accessibility of better pet food options have pet owners paying more money to ensure pet health. A recent study shows that nearly 70% of pet owners agreed that they would pay more for pet food if it was a healthier option. These specific pet owners will be excited to hear about Applaws’ new cat food pouches.

Pouches come with 100% natural ingredients and no preservatives. Each pouch comes packed with real meat and ingredients that cats will love, and a see-through window so customers can see the product for themselves before giving it to their pets. This new line will be a hit for any customer wanting to give their animals only the best pet food.

To see the entire line and flavors of Applaws pouches, head to their website.

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