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The Tiny Friends Farm is Perfect for New York City’s Fastest Growing Pet Market, Rabbits

TSP: NYC is just one of many cities around the country where rabbits are a quickly growing market. Tiny Friends Farm offers these new consumers the best.

For many years, cats and dogs have been synonymous with family animals, but recently another type of animal is taking New York City by storm. Rabbits are quickly becoming the pet of choice for New Yorkers, and across the country. This trend isn’t just located to the Big Apple, numbers of friendly hoppers are quickly throughout homes everywhere. Make sure The Tiny Friends Farm is your first suggestion to cater to this growing market.

Russel Rabbit is your go-to choice for nutritious and tasty foods for this growing herd of household rabbits. A rabbit’s diet isn’t as easy as other household pets, but Tiny Friends Farm does a lot of the hard work for consumers. These treats are specially formulated to fill the rabbit’s dietary needs that makes for happy pets and happier owners.

The Tiny Friends Farm is currently rolling out across the United States just in time for the growing rabbit trend. If you need to find out more information about the brand or how to bring them to your store, head to Supreme’s website.

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