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A Buddy To Save Money

Yes, you heard that right. Let’s face it, the holidays are quickly approaching and most of us are in money-saving mode. Filling up with gas just to find out that the station down the street is selling it cheaper is not something we need right now (or ever). Gas prices fluctuate from day to day and from place to place making it hard to really know where to find the best prices. We understand your travel expenses are a challenge, so we’ve found an app that will take the guesswork out of filling up your tank.


GasBuddy is a mobile application that will help you find the cheapest gas in your current location. The app features a community of users working together to update gas prices in your area. There are also perks on GasBuddy for providing gas price information; for every gas price reported, you’ll earn points towards a prize give-away.

Additionally, (and maybe our favorite part!) after locating the cheapest gas, GasBuddy will then connect to your mobile GPS and direct you how to get there. This app is available for many different mobile devices including: iPhone/iPad, Android, BlackBerry and Windows Phones. We encourage you to download this app, save yourself some money and maybe even buy a few extra Christmas presents this holiday season.


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