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Applaws Protein: The Healthy Advantage

Ah, the protein power struggle. Today, every brand wants to incorporate “high protein” as a buzz word in their labeling. This month, let’s target the facts on the source of protein in Applaws versus other misleading claims of so called ‘high-protein’ foods using poor quality byproducts that aren’t as digestible or nutritious.


Your clients are going to want to know the difference between your product and the competitor’s product. There are so many different claims out there in pet foods about having ‘high-protein’ products but how do you inform your clients on who to trust?

It is hard to tell who actually has high protein pet food and who is just playing the labeling game. But, to your advantage, there is a calculation that will help you gain a better understanding of the protein that is actually in your competitors pet food. This will serve in building the trust in your relationship and positioning you in a smart and education-driven manner. Use these three steps to calculate the “dry matter protein amount in the food:

  1. Find the guaranteed analysis on the label and subtract the moisture % from 100.
  2. Divide the Protein % by that number to get the dry matter protein percentage.
  3. Protein is listed as a minimum percentage so the dry matter amount will be the minimum amount of protein.

The goal of these calculations is to prove that even though other brands are advertising their high-protein products, Applaws is the healthy product for your clients’ pets. Furthermore, not all protein is the same. Here is what Applaws has to say about this:

Proteins are very complex in structure and proteins are required for all aspects of growth and development and are very important in structural makeup and the immune system. Proteins are made up of amino acids, which are the building blocks of health and development. Cats require 22 amino acids 11 of these they can synthesize themselves. The remaining ones – which are called the essential amino acids they must get from their food otherwise health problems can occur. Applaws has been developed to ensure that your cats’ diet is naturally rich in all the essential amino acids to keep your cat healthy for longer. 

So what is the take away here? Put in the work, gather your data, really educate yourself  on the Applaws brand differentiators and you will surely impress store owners.

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