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PetSmart Purchases Pet360 in Order to Shake Up Business

PetSmart has been entertaining new solutions to try and live up to its company shareholders. After the past two quarters have posted profits that were seen as below expectations, PetSmart has purchased Pet360 to try and bring about some change.

Pet360 brings a massive online footprint for PetSmart to use for potential customers. Those customers will now be able to enjoy the breadth of products that PetSmart has to offer, but within a new environment. PetSmart is providing the web platform and store infrastructure to those consumers and Pet360 is returning the favor in monthly page views. With sites like petMD, Blog Paws, and PetStyle, PetSmart will be in front of a much larger group of online customers. With the PetSmart e-commerce solution behind it all, there are benefits predicted all around.

Prior to the purchase, which will not reach its final closing stage until later this month, PetSmart was reviewing internal practices and talking to investment companies. The Pet360 purchase will bring in many new customers to try and push PetSmart’s numbers into areas that exceed expectations.

To read more on PetSmart’s plans, click here.

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