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Chinchilla Health: What You Should Know

Chinchillas can be a rewarding pet to keep and take care of, but it comes with different challenges that other mammals do not present. Luckily Supreme Petfoods has a few tips and suggestions on keeping your new friend happy and healthy while they are living with you.

The care for a chinchilla starts before you bring it home. Make sure the bedding inside of the housing has had the dust removed to avoid irritation. Chinchillas in particular enjoy roaming around a lot, so make sure that the housing that you provide is large enough to accommodate them and stay away from plastic because they can easily gnaw their way out!

Once you bring your new friend into your home, Supreme suggests not handling it too much for the first few days. This allows the chinchilla to get adjusted to its new home. Food consisting of a lot of grasses, fruits, roots, and stems will keep the digestive health of your chinchilla in order.

Bedding must be changed often to keep your chinchilla clean and healthy, and don’t expect to bathe chinchillas like other mammals; they bathe in sand instead of water! A high-quality sand should be left next to or in the housing for your chinchilla so it can roll around and clean themselves.

Start with these few tips and you and your chinchilla should be on your way to a healthy and fun relationship together. If you need to know more about chinchilla health or for a list of products approved for chinchilla use, head on over to Supreme Petfoods website for more information.

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