The Selling Point

Investing in A Brand Relates to Better Sales

TSP: Knowledgeable brand advocates sell more than uninvested sales associates, educate yourself with Applaws training videos

Experticity recently completed a study investigating whether increasing sales numbers can be achieved by studying and buying into a brand identity rather than just selling it. The results? It absolutely helps.

Becoming a brand advocate of your product rather than just a salesperson has a substantial return on investment. Just completing one short training video increased sales by almost 70%. Going the extra mile and completing six videos earned almost 125% more sales. Applaws is known for their commitment to making healthy cat food, but their School of Nutrition offers loads of information on why their line of foods is beneficial to our pets. Taking part of your day to learn more about how Applaws helps make cats healthier can produce a significant return on investment.

Head on over to Applaws’ website to enroll in the School of Nutrition and give it a try.

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