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Supreme Stock Stuffers

Did you know?

According to the APPA Pet Survey, Supreme has made the list for premiere stocking stuffer ideas with the Russel & Friends Treats!


This month, try pitching the idea these little stocking stuffers. With the big day right around the corner, remind your stores it is the small things that matter the most and this why your clients need Russel & Friends Treats on their shelves. According to the American Pet Products Association Pet Survey, these treats are the perfect size to put into a stocking for a little furry friend or their owner. Get ahead of the game:

  • Pet owners will be flooding stores for last minute presents for their animals, theses are a perfect, nutritious and eye-catching display for your store owners to put in front store displays.
  • New, fresh baked, and perfectly packaged for the holiday season. Your clients are going to love having this unqiue product on their shelves especially during the holiday season.
  • Give your store owner ideas for selling these little treats, completely backed up by the APPA Pet survey.
    • In store specials
    • Creative displays
    • Christmas morning photo contests
    • Samples! Have your store owners invite their guests in for a little furry Christmas party and tasting!

Whatever you decide, these treats give you the perfect excuse to get creative. Heck, we’d even love to see photos and hear stories. Let us know how you’ve positioned your Russel & Friends Treats and you may just show up in our next issue.

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