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Older Pets Need Better Food, Applaws Offers Just the Diet that Aging Animal Friends Need

TSP: Recent studies show that 45% of dog owners have a canine over 7 years old, and 46% of cats are in the oldest age bracket. Mention Applaws to keep aging pets healthy and happy.

One of the most pressing pet trends in the coming years is the growing age of our pets. As our human generations grow older, so do our pets. Not all pets have to having growing pains as they get older, keeping a healthy diet can do wonders for animals who have a few years under their collars.

Applaws offers some of the most healthy options that pet owners can buy for their cats and dogs. They prides themselves on using the finest cuts of chicken, beef, and other 100% natural ingredients to give pets exactly the nutrition that they need. To meet the needs of this growing market, Applaws should be the name first recommended.

The growing age and declining health of pets across the country is a real problem. It’s possible that you have already seen its effects in your area, and Applaws¬†products are a great way to help. Not only are we making our pet friends happier and healthier in their older years, but your customers will get to enjoy the benefits of living with their family animals longer.

For more information on how Applaws products nourish our pets, head to their website.

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