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Go Green With ADVANTEK Animal Sanctuaries

We live in the 21st century and these days, even the doghouse needs to be environmentally friendly. ADVANTEK offers just that, a range of outdoor shelters and sanctuaries for animals ranging from rabbits to birds. Check out what makes these sustainable shelters for the environment and your pets. 

All of the products in ADVANTEK’s Gone Green line are built with lightweight FIR lumber. The wood not only features a gorgeous light brown color, but also naturally repels insects and water, making it perfect for outdoor shelters. The wood is then treated with environmentally friendly preservatives to keep the wood looking good for years to come.

ADVANTEK offers multiple products in its Gone Green line: gardening boxes, poultry hutches, rabbit hutches, dog houses, and even aviaries. Each structure comes with a waterproof and non-toxic roof to make sure that no matter what animal you own, they will be cool in the summer and warm in the winter.

Click here to check out ADVANTEK’s full Gone Green line.

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