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Pet product manufacturersare in need of a sales organization that is effective at implementing a marketing strategy that is cost effective and measurable. The consolidation of the Pet Industry over the past 15 years has had a profound effect on how manufacturers get their products to market. This fact alone presents both opportunities and challenges. Distributors have evolved to meet the changing demands of the industry and rising costs of transportation. Many distributors are choosing telemarketing sales over the traditional account rep, while others are becoming more focused on specific product lines and categories.An “in-house” sales organization is one option that allows for a great deal of manufacturer focus and control. However, the high costs associated with hiring and managing manpower that can cover distributor sales calls, distributor sales reps, open houses, trade shows, pet retailers and national accounts is simply cost and time prohibitive. On the other hand, current Rep groups relying on past relationships are challenged to think differently about their business model. Many have established old habits that are clearly outdated in a changing industry. Rep groups faced with increased expenses and the loss of income due to consolidation of manufacturers are scrambling to add more manufacturers to their list just to make ends meet. The result is less focus and unreliable execution for manufacturers relying on their support.

Solution |

All Points Marketing embraces change and sees opportunities to improve sales. All Points Marketing has developed two distinct services that offer a wide range of Sales Solutions. Our Product Education Team (P.E.T.) provides professional Retail Marketing Specialist personnel emphasizing product placement and sales training at retail stores exclusively. The P.E.T. program is designed for a fixed number of manufacturers (two or three) to “share” a team of people that closely resemble having their own in-house sales force. Detailed information on the P.E.T. program is attached to this presentation as an addendum. The second and more “traditional” sales services provided by All Points Marketing creates sales by focusing on managing national and regional retail chain accounts, key two-step dealers and the evolving distributors that make up the Pet Industry. All Points Marketing can handle your sales representation in many regions or in specific market according to your needs and timelines.  By expanding our coverage we can remain focused on fewer manufacturers. Partnering with strong brands means we become more important to each other’s business.

All Points Marketing will put more of your sales dollars at work….
Because our relationship is based on mutual financial expectations, we will remain focused and loyal to meeting your goals.

Objectives |

All Points Marketing will increase distribution, shelf placement and sales by meeting each of the following objectives:

  • Effectively introduce new items and fill gaps at retail
  • Manage inventory movement information and point of sales data
  • Execute consumer driven promotions through the distribution/retail pipeline
  • Create sales with new distribution in markets lacking placement at retail
  • Drive sales and increase brand value through product training and dealer support
  • Organize and staff regional Open Houses and Trade Shows

Approach |

The All Points Marketing approach to building sales is unique in the Independent rep business.

We believe in limiting the number of manufacturers we represent while maximizing the number of clients we can service.

We become brand experts and apply our knowledge of the Industry to all our accounts according to their specific needs and regions. We will invest more of our income earned back into the market in the form of merchandising at retail and management at key accounts. We remain personally involved actively building business and creating sales at our largest national accounts. We pull all our income resources together and then invest in markets and customers we believe will continue to drive sales. In other words, we’ll take income generated in one market and spend it to build sales in another.

Benefits |

You can have a full service sales organization for a fraction of the cost of just a couple of full time in-house sales people. You will also have a professional partner in All Points Marketing to consult with during strategic sales and marketing planning periods. You will have a single point of contact for the Independent Pet trade channel with All Points Marketing.

…… most customers today will agree to see and buy from only those salespeople who take problems off their desks and bring opportunities to their attention. The multi-line, complementary package of products tends to make sales reps systems oriented rather than single product oriented. Customers welcome these consultative sellers.

Methodology |

At All Points Marketing we maintain a database of all our distributors and retailers. We have address, contact and sales information about virtually every retail store in the markets we serve. We have an extensive knowledge of reporting systems to help us evaluate sales reports provided to us by our distributors, national and regional chain accounts. Each month we review “out-the-door” sales activity by sku in Excel Pivot tables. (Petco & PetSmart reports called the “Sourcing Center” for POS data, The “852 report” and Distributor “Spin” reports provide us the details we need to manage your business). We analyze data that will indicate sales trends over a wide range of periods. We review certain movement reports that indicate inventory problems and provide a fix that will result in increased sales and less out of stocks. Everyone on our team is driven to succeed with constant education and updates.

Resources |

Together, we have established a network of resources that have pledged their support in helping us achieve our goals. We have both personal and professional relationships with APPMA, WPA and many other National Account Managers with prominent Manufacturers. We are confident in our success in part due to the encouragement, leadership and support of many of the top people within our industry. We have already tapped into these valuable resources to help us design our company into what the Industry needs. All Points Marketing is an active member in the following organizations: APPMA, WPA, PIDA, PIJAC.

Costs |

Predictable Sales Costs That Go Up And Down With Sales: Agree in advance on a set monthly retainer and we pay all selling expenses. The retainer period remains in affect until commissions generated become greater than the retainer value. The typical commission rate for a wide range of sales services is 5% to 7%.

It is estimated that today’s average factory direct salesperson costs $150,000 per year. Our agency managing the same volume would cost only a fraction per person. In addition to the cost of manpower, we can help reduce your cost of marketing by combining the budgets of several complimentary manufacturers. We can provide sales staff and reduce your overall cost of attending open houses saving you thousands of dollars per event.

Increased Long-Term Sales; The average factory-direct salesperson is in a territory for two years or less before he or she is promoted, transferred or defects to a competitor for more money. We have a lifetime commitment to this territory, and hold better relationships with the customers. This saves your company thousands of dollars per month in training, management, HR and travel expenses.

The time is now for All Points Marketing to offer new Sales Solutions. Proper Sales representation should reflect the conditions of the marketplace. Manufacturers have a message about their products that are supported by creative brand building and sales strategies. The retail landscape has evolved to become more sophisticated about product selection and merchandising implementation. All Points Marketing is prepared to address these needs through effective sales and marketing representation built on experience.

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