Product Education Team (P.E.T.)

Objective |

Provide professional Retail Marketing Specialist progam, emphasizing product placement and sales training, to sell dealer promotions, present product displays and provide merchandising concepts to retail accounts. Conduct training meetings and attend special events focusing on consumers, dealers and sales manager’s education of a company’s product line and the suggested training method. Supports a broad range of marketing activities and/or promotes sales and creates goodwill for firm’s products or services among customers or prospects.

P.E.T. Scope of Services |

  • Identify dealer training and sales initiatives
    • Communicate needs Account Managers
    • Provide monthly reports related to
      • Dealers visited
      • Objectives accomplished
      • Sales achieved
      • Dealer feedback
      • Competitive audits

P.E.T. Responsibilities |

  • Support and drive sales & marketing efforts through product knowledge trainings, attending events, and supporting promotions
    • Distributor Open House events
    • Regional Trade Shows
    • Dealer Training Meetings
    • Scheduled Dealer Store visits
    • Distributor Sales Rep sales and training meetings
  • Keeps informed of changes that might affect product sales or services
  • Provide detailed reporting of dealer appointments and training
  • Submits reports of sales and training activity and maintains records
    • Enter reporting data on web based tracking system
  • Demonstrate products representing technological advances in industry
  • Accompany sales force members in preparation for potential new role in sales

Manufacturer Responsibilities |

This project demands significant involvement by your product design, marketing and sales personnel. Ultimate success is highly dependent on their effort. To help achieve a smooth and successful implementation, it will be your responsibility to:

  • Provide all product information currently being produced, including troubleshooting tips and common issues to ensure customer satisfaction
  • Discuss openly the strategy and resources available to support the brand and product placement
  • Ensure product manufacturing timelines are accurate and notify us whenever delays in manufacturing may cause delays in generating sales
  • Communicate any changes in manufacturing, design or costs as needed that will affect function, price and delivery timelines
  • Provide all forms of sales materials, product samples and collateral material required for making presentations

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