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Brand Bulletin [May 31, 2016]

From new humane chicken coops to great ways to go to the beach with a dog in the Summer, our brands know what they’re talking about. This is our one-click guide to what our manufacturers are currently discussing. Click and read your favorites, and sign up below to receive weekly updates!



A new, more humane, industry chicken coop standard

We want chickens to live in environments that cater to their health and well being. The ideals put forth in our humane chicken coops educate on proper space for chickens in coops, correct size of a roosting bar, adequate run space and how exactly a nesting box should be sized for your chickens.

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Things to know before you take the dog to the beach

In order to avoid any nasty surprises and before you start packing, you might want to find out more about the beach you are planning to go to. Some allow pets, but they have to be on the lead the whole time (so get yourself a nice long lead so that he can move about more freely). Other beaches only allow dogs at certain times of day. If you want Rex to run free chasing waves and catching Frisbees, then you need to find a beach where this is permitted. Once you know where you’re headed, make sure you have everything you’ll need with you.

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Watch Russel Rabbit and friends sing about nutrition

We got all of our furry friends from Tiny Friends Farm together to do a this cute tune! Hear Russel Rabbit and his friends singing the Tiny Friends Farm rendition of Little Things by One Direction.

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