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Gluten Free: The Way To Be

Gluten Free is not just for people with food allergies…or Hipsters. Cats struggle with gluten allergies and many of their owners struggle with finding food that will cater to them.


As consumers continue to see more gluten free sections in grocery stores and more gluten free options on menus at restaurants, it is important to note the infiltration of this diet into our society. Gluten allergies are being noted more and more in people, but what about our pets? Cats are designed to eat meat, which is why many cats have gluten allergies even if their owners are not aware of it. The problem? Consumers often times do not think about how their pets can have the same allergies as people and many pet owners face a problem with finding the right gluten free pet food.

It is important to be able to recognize the symptoms of  a cat suffering from a gluten allergy, so you can guide their owner to the proper food and diet.

Susan Leisure, director of an animal welfare organization and owner of a holistic pet supply store in Atlanta, gives us the following information over at The Nest. The most common symptom of intolerance to gluten is digestive trouble such as diarrhea or vomiting. In the long run, some kitties may develop asthma, severe irritable bowel syndrome or allergic skin reactions in response to the gluten.

If your customers are seeing these symptoms with their cats, you should recommend a switch in pet food immediately.

So why do so many pet foods include gluten?

Primarily, the starchy texture helps bind the food together. Some cats can tolerate gluten, though their bodies are not designed to eat any sort of wheat and it is better for them to steer clear of it all together. Because so many pet foods include gluten, it is often hard for pet owners to find a healthy option for their four-legged friend.

What is your leverage?

Applaws Pet Food is a great solution to the gluten problem. Gluten intolerance is a natural health occurrence in felines, and it should be treated as such: with food built with the natural needs of cats at the forefront.

Applaws Pet Food does not add any unnecessary ingredients to their product line. The food is 100% all natural, containing 75% meat with only 3 total ingredients and no additives. Applaws caters to your client’s cats needs and their natural intolerances by providing a pet food that is tasty and healthy.

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