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Don’t gamble with quality

As you dive into your selling cycle for this quarter, we suggest you take a look at big store brands that focus on market share dollars vs. the smaller organic brand that focuses on what it does well.

This year alone, both Nestle and Mars have bought more into the pet food industry, acquiring various brands such as Zuke’s pet treats for Nestle (Zuke’s has traditionally been the #1 competitor for Fruitables), and Iams and Eukanuba for Mars. And, while these large corporations are holding the largest percentage of the pet food industry market share,  they are primarily leading manufacturing of candy in the U.S.

So what should that tell you? It’s important for your retailers to understand the importance of food and treat quality v.s. dollars spent to purchase a name. Should the number one producer of pet food in America also be a leader in candy and junk food?

Proctor and Gamble, the current owners of the Iams and Eukanuba brands that are being sold to Mars for $2.9 billion in cash, said this of the sale:

Exiting pet care is an important step in our strategy to focus P.&G.’s portfolio on the core businesses where we can create the most value for consumers and share owners

We couldn’t agree more. Focus is key. And many of these national brand lack focus and care for the consumer’s needs. As distribution reps, it’s your responsibility to properly inform your stores of all the facts. Be sure you’re retail stores know that Fruitables is a brand of one focus. A focus to provide the best food and care to pets across the country.

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