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A great start to pet ownership

Are small animals the way to raise responsible future dog and cat pet parents?

This is a question we often address here at APM. But, this month we are happy to direct you toward an article written by one of our brands, Supreme Petfoods, that addresses this question in a beautiful fashion.

In the article, “A bright future for Small Pets,” Supreme announced it’s plans to develop organic research on consumer buying patterns, and the place of small animals and products in retail spaces. From consumer knowledge and feeding habits to the in-store purchasing journey, Supreme plans to monitor the small animal category at a level that has not been done before.

Claire Hamblion, Marketing Manager at Supreme Petfoods,  states that “there is still very little significant data available from research that has been conducted specifically within the small animal category. Experts tell us ‘knowledge is power’, and now is the time for small animals to stand up and be counted and to be taken as seriously as cats and dogs.”

We don’t know about you, but we are excited to follow Supreme through this adventure and learn more about the small animal category and how it affects buying patterns of pet owners from hamsters to dogs!

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