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Pet Industry Sustainability on the Rise

SuperZoo 2014 is just wrapping up in Las Vegas. Many attendees and companies are coming from the invent showing an increased interest in keeping their pet businesses environmentally sustainable. The Pet Industry Sustainability Coalition (PISC) gathered a lot of support for their cause.

Be sure to read more here about their movement. 

PISC was created last year with eight founding members with the goal to identify sustainability issues within the pet product industry and help to make partners a little more green. PISC is gaining a lot of steam going forward and picked up a lot of support at SuperZoo this year. One of the best parts is that interested companies can join for no cost.

“We understand that there’s a huge sector of growth in the pet industry that’s made of small start-up companies,” said Caitlyn Bolton, PISC’s executive director. “We are committed to maintaining a zero-cost membership.”

To read more about PISC, check out the full story here.

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