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Applaws Dry: Grain Free

As Applaws Dry Cat Formula hits US shelves, it’s important to know what the “grain free” label means for your retailers and their clients.  The recent buzz around pet wellness and organic, grain free diet has set the stage for you to create a solid strategy to sell the new Applaws Dry Cat. In fact, a recent study from GFK tracked sales in over 11,000 US pet outlets – including national and regional chains, as well as neighborhood pet shops – and showed that grain-free pet food sales grew 28% year over year in 2013.

Check out these few key points from the article:

  • Grain-free products totaled over $1.7 billion in sales at pet outlets over the past year.
  • They account for one-third of all new pet items introduced each month.
  • In the past year, the number of grain-free pet products has grown 33%, to over 3,500 on shelves today – about 2,300 for dogs, versus roughly 1,200 for cats.
  • Consumers pay roughly 45% more for grain-free products.

As you can see, people have been moving toward a trend of healthier treatment and conscious feeding of their animals. Play to the trend with Applaws’s grain free, low carb dry cat formula. The food promotes a healthy body weight for cats by regulating blood sugar levels and reducing stress to the liver and kidneys.


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