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Pet Peeve Story: Erik Hinkston

During the holiday season it is easy to lose patience in traffic…something one may call holiday induced road rage. The month’s Pet Peeve story was given to us by Erik Hinkston with Central Pet Distribution. Though the story is not a personal encounter, we thought it captured the frustration, struggle, and reflection so many of us face this time of year!

Motorcycle Madness

from Erik Hinkston

My favorite story was told to me by another salesman many years ago. As we so often find ourselves in bumper-to-bumper traffic the salesman found traffic slowing ahead of him. But he noticed the other two lanes are moving along and there was room in front of the car in front of him. So after waiting a little while laying on the horn saluting him with the famous one finger salute he decided to go around the guy and give him a piece of his mind. As he came up even with the driver he said what’s the problem? The driver casually pointed to in front of his car and there my friend saw somebody’s leg. Apparently a motorcyclist had crashed and left part of himself in the lane in front of the car. My friend quickly apologized with his facial expressions and hand gestures and thought better next time to be more patient. You never know what’s around the bend.

Congratulations, Erik! Erik won a $100 visa gift card for his submitted story. Runners up include: Joe Felish, Maureen Keith, Brett Gold, and Julie Mantooth. Look for their stories in upcoming Pet Peeve segments.

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