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Maureen Keith Pet Peeve Story

This month’s Pet Peeve story is brought to you by Maureen Keith at Central Pet. We won’t call her a crazy cat lady, but check out this story of the night she saved “Suzi Q”:

It was a dusk and not so stormy night on a mountain pass. It was Friday and I was in a hurry to get home two hours away. There on the side of the road, six inches from the right lane was a small ball. As I sped past I realized it was an animal, with semis roaring, by it didn’t move. As I backed up curves on I-5 (stupid), I started going into a ditch but I was so close. I shoved the car into park still running and I ran up the freeway. It startled this tiny kitten and it ran into the woods. I went in and could hear feral hissing from a very small ball. I knew I would get scratched but then again it was really, really small.

I grabbed it and went back to my car and quickly put it in and popped the trunk and quickly shut the door. This is the point where my car “Christine” locked all the doors. Recap: side of the freeway, car running, wild cat inside, phone inside car, doors locked, coat inside. You can’t make this stuff up.

Some young girls stopped and call AAA and 45 minutes by the side of the road I was back in my car. Then the howling started. I pulled over again and grabbed the kitten from under a seat and had to hold it tight. I felt something crawling in my hair probably a bug or something…no, no…a tick! The kitten had them also and it was so small it was easier to turn the kitten than the tick.

Fast forward: Suzi Q is a huge tortoiseshell cat, and lives with three siamese cats.

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