Sales Support FAQ

What strategy does All Points Marketing implement when bringing on a new line or new items?

We communicate immediately via phone and email to all our top buyers at both distributors and retailers. We look for opportunities to schedule appointments to review the line and or update people with a price list and new item info as needed. Of course when we have our samples ready we begin showing off our new product line to all our current appointments too.

Whether it is or any retailer/distributor that requires new item sheets filled out, does your team take care of that?

Yes, we will do 80% of this work with the help and final approval coming from the manufacturer management.

Does APM handle all open house paperwork and will APM attend all open houses on behalf of a new manufacturer?

Yes, again same as above. As long as we know all the parameters related to promotions, credits, budgets, etc….we can handle the paperwork. We create an aisle of all our manufacturers we represent for a particular open house event and provide manpower consistent with the number of dealers that are expected to attend the show. Usually there are at least 2-3 All Points Marketing people at every event. Large Distributor (BCI, Central Pet, Royal, etc) events get the most attention because of the number of dealers that typically attend.

What is the frequency of headquarter calls?

As needed. Depends on the total level of business we are doing or the potential for growth. We focus more of our time of retail support and communicate via phone and email with all our major buyers weekly.

Do you provide vendors with copies of turnover orders or can a new manufacturer be copied when turn-over orders are sent in to distributors?

Yes, we can. However, turn-over orders are sometime difficult to track even for our own use. Many times the dealer will take our info and give to their distributor rep or distributor reps will key items purchased into their handheld device. Our experience is that only about 20% of the retailers actually write orders with us while we are in their stores. Most dealers have evolved to reviewing programs, adding inventory in their computer system and have distributor programs in place that don’t fit with the “old style” of turn-over order writing.