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Download Our New App!

We have a new All Points Marketing app which is free to download (and doesn’t take up any memory!). There’s many benefits to this app including:


  • Quickly call, text, or email us directly from the app
  • Request service feature (samples, promotions, ect.)
  • Direct access to a list of our brands
  • Promotions, product information, and other useful documents
  • …and much more!
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How to use the app

The All Points Marketing app is one of the best ways to get a hold of our team, refer to an important document, find out about promotions, request samples, and more. However, some buttons may be hard to find or just plain confusing. That’s okay! We are here to help. Follow the instructions below to learn how to use our app and take advantage of getting a hold of us on the go.

Download Instructions

To download, simply click the “Download app” button above. You will then be directed to a landing page which will feature a simple 2-question form which will allow you to download the app onto your phone or tablet. If you are accessing the page on your desktop, the app will send a link to your phone to save the app onto your device. If you are accessing the page on your phone, you will be prompted to save the app onto your device once you fill out the required information.

Note: This app takes up no memory on your phone, so there’s no risk in downloading!

How to Use Our App

While our app is fairly simple to use, there are some ways you can best take advantage of it’s features. See the descriptions of each button below to better understand how you can use the app to your advantage.

Contact: Use this button to quickly call, email, or text our customer service representative. She will be happy to assist you or connect you with one of our team members who will address your needs!

Share/Refer: Use this button to share/refer this app to any of your colleagues (or customers if you are a distributor rep). We may host competitions based on shares and referrals, so it’s important to know where this button is located!
Note: You may also share using the middle button that says “Share” on the bottom blue portion of your screen. Both buttons work the same way.

Request Service: Use this button to request samples, promotional information, sell sheets, and/or anything else you need that relates to us or our manufacturers. Once we receive your request, we will do our best to get back to you within 24 business hours.

Subscribe: All Points Marketing sends out two different newsletters on a monthly basis! The Point newsletter is designed for distributor reps to quickly stay on top pet industry news and trends. All Points Cares is a fun newsletter designed for pet specialty retailers and other pet industry professionals who want to stay on top of what the pet industry is up to, and how our manufacturers are responding to current trends. Use this button to subscribe to one of our newsletters!

Our Brands: Can’t remember who we represent? Use this button to quickly find out who our brands are, and what they sell. It’s like a quick APM cheat sheet!

About Us: Who are we? What do we do? That’s a good question. Use this button to find out who we are, and feel free to use this information to refer us to your colleagues!

Documents: Here you’ll find any relevant promotions, sell sheets, and informational documents for our brands. This folder is always changing, so be sure to check back often to see what relevant information we have for you at any time!

*The More Tab*

Believe it or not, there’s more than what initially meets the eye! Our app has three tabs of pages. The “Home” page is what we just finished exploring. The “Share” page helps you share this app with your friends and colleagues. Finally, the “More” page has a few extra links for you to explore.

Website: Quickly and easily access our website directly from this button.

Social Media: Use the links for LinkedIn, Facebook, or Twitter to see what we are up to and follow us!

Blog: Keep on top of pet industry trends and stay educated about the state of the pet industry. Use this button to read our blog, with articles coming out weekly!

Trade Show Info: There always seems to be a trade show right around the corner! Use this button to find out about what trade shows we are going to and where we are going to be. We will keep this page updated so you always know where to find us at the next show!

US Pet Sale Bans Map: Bans on the sale of live animals in pet stores are happening all around the country. Use this button to access a live map which automatically updates to show you where bans are currently being discussed and placed.

Have any more questions about our app? Reach out to us and we’ll be happy to walk you through it!