Super Absorbent Dog Pads

Just like us, dogs need their bathrooms. But what if you can’t get home on time to walk him? What if you can’t take him out several times a day? Or if it’s raining cats and dogs or snowing? So where does he relieve himself?

WizSmart’s dog pad has several unique features and benefits unlike anything else you’ll find. The Super Absorbent Dog Pads absorb all the liquids your dog eliminates in a day  – up to 8 cups! It dries quickly, so no messy tracking in the home. It won’t leak, so forget spills and smells. It stays put, and thanks to a one-of-kind attractant formula, your dog always knows where to find it. WizSmart pads work every time and over-time for when you’re out, but your four-legged friend has just got to go! And what happens when you’re both on the go? Don’t worry about taking your pup to a friend’s house—just bring the WizSmart pad and they will go where they should. Every time.

  • Holds up to 8 cups. The formula behind WizSmart Super Absorbent dog pads is a unique blend of materials including eucalyptus fiber. That makes for superior absorption and quick drying so dogs’ paws stay dry and no tracking in the house.
  • Leak Proof. Who likes messy cleanups? Lateral barriers and strong sealed edges ensure no leaking or spill-over.
  • Odor Control. WizSmart quickly absorbs urine, capturing and eliminating unpleasant smells. When WizSmart traps odors, they stay trapped. Your house stays WizSmart fresh, clean and odor free.
  • Stay Put Tabs. Put down once and no more shredded pads that are dragged across the room. Their four Patented “Stay Put” tabs secure the pad to the floor and protects your home.
  • Dog Attractant. Train your dog with a safe, pet-friendly formula designed by WizSmart’s fragrance expert. That’s all you need because your dog will be attracted to use the WizSmart pad each and every time.
  • Male Dog Solution. Since boy and girl dogs eliminate pee a bit differently, we’ve got him covered! WizSmart’s Stay Put tabs let you place the wee wee pad at a 90-degree angle to protect both wall and floor.
  • Eco-Friendly. Instead of ending up in a landfill, WizSmart repurposes more than 80 million unused diapers every year for use as materials in their super absorbent blend for their pads. They also use Eucapet fiber made from eucalyptus. That’s great because the renewal cycle for eucalyptus trees is around 6-7 years, which is much faster than trees normally used in pulp manufacturing, making it a more sustainable fiber.