There is no love quite as powerful as the love you share with your pet. And Therabis wants to help foster that love for years to come. Which is why they created Therabis pet wellness formulas. Their founder, veterinarian Dr. Stephen M. Katz, has spent an entire decade researching, developing and perfecting their all-natural formulations to provide your dog with reliable relief from itching, stress and joint immobility. Because when your furry family member feels better, so do you.

Available in easy-to-administer sachets for scratching and skin issues, stress, and joint mobility, Therabis is formulated to support total-body wellness thanks to a premium, proprietary formula including natural hemp oil.

  • Easy-to-use daily supplements for your pets in three specific formulations—Stop the Itch, Calm and Quiet and Up and Moving—all powered by our proprietary all-natural formulas
  • Of all botanicals currently being studied, hemp has shown the most therapeutic promise in clinical research. Unlike marijuana, hemp does not create a psychoactive effect
  • With very limited options for treating arthritis, joint mobility and hip dysplasia, Dr. Katz took it upon himself to find better solutions for these pets and their families