Global One Pet offers several brands to cover the different consumer segments of the market.  This ensures proper product positioning to fit the different consumer shopping habits by category.


Global One’s Dentables Toothbrush Chews are a revolutionary new product for the dog dental market.  Their patent pending dental chews are made from easily digestible fat and lactose free milk proteins.

Unique Ingredient Benefits:

  • Casein has been proven to help reduce and even repair tooth enamel by remineralizing it.
  • Recent dental studies show that the Peptides in Casein are more effective at reducing/repairing tooth enamel loss than Fluoride
  • Casein has also been show to have antibacterial properties to help kill bacteria to help freshen breath and prevent tooth decay.
  • Naturally protein rich and provides essential amino acids and vitamin E for dogs.

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Cheezie Chews offers true differentiation, outstanding ingredients and pure chewing enjoyment for dogs. With Himalayan Brand lactose and fat-free cheese, Cheezie Chews is a great tasting healthy alternative for dog owners and pet-specific retailers.

Benefits Include:

  • RAWHIDE FREE option
  • Cheese is our first ingredient
  • Lactose and Fat-Free Cheese
  • NO negatively perceived ingredients like corn, added glutens, and fructose
  • Made with Himalayan Brand Yaky Cheese
  • Cheese is easily digestible and provides essential amino acids and calcium
  • The natural smoked Cheese smell creates a more desirable and palatable chew
  • No artificial colors or dies to stain carpets

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