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Fruitables treats were created with experience in mind. Fruitables offers a wide selection of pet treats that are all 100% natural and organic. Aroma, taste, texture, and design were crafted specifically to make sure that pet owners can enjoy the feeding experience just as much as their pets enjoy eating them. But, they weren’t made without nutrition in mind. Fruitables makes its treats rich in antioxidants, vitamins, fruits, and vegetables to ensure that pets live healthier, fitter, and longer lives.

Fruitables’ great products include…

Dental Treats

Fruitables BioActive Fresh Mouth Dental Chews celebrates national pet dental health month.  If you are looking for a chew that is radically different, here it is. Sweet potato based, it provides scrubbing action, plus 98.9% solubility, for easy digestion. It also has the patent-pending scoop and treat pocket feature to help you cross sell Fruitables Skinny Minis and Canned Supplements.  Available in singles for trial and multi-pack for about a month’s supply, these are affordable, unique dental care!

Broth Bowls

Cats and dogs need more moisture to stay hydrated than many people think. Winner of the 2016 Pet Industry All-Star award for dog food toppers, Fruitables Broth Bowls are designed to add flavor and hydration to dogs’ every meal. Only two calories per ounce and low in sodium, these food toppers are made in the USA from U.S.-sourced ingredients. They are available in beef, chicken and vegetable varieties with two size options. 70% of pet parents add something, water, toppers, ect. to their dog or cat’s food. Broth Bowls add incredible flavor and hydration to every-day food.


Cat Treats

Meow! Fruitables is no longer just the best made in USA treat option for dogs. Fruitables Wildly Natural cat treats are filled with protein and is dense with an airy texture, with only 1.25 calories per treat! They contain 8% fiber by weight and are made in the USA with USA sourced ingredients.

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Learn more about Fruitables

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