PetFX is dedicated to improving the well-being of your dog by harnessing the power of hemp in doctor-formulated products that are naturally hypoallergenic, 100% biodegradable and cruelty-free. PetFX’s uses proprietary hemp technologies found in 2 U.S. Patents. Their supplements are made with 100% beef and are non-GMO. They do not add corn, wheat, soy, salt or sugar.

Their hemp infused canine products boost your dog’s wellness, making them feel better inside and out, by using only the highest quality ingredients in doctor created proprietary formulas.

CannaLove Products are recommended when your dog needs:

  • Fast relief from pain
  • Allergy & itch relief
  • To reduce anxiety
  • Help for epilepsy & seizures
  • To reduce premature aging
  • Defense against parasites