At BareItAll they are committed to producing the highest quality pet foods. They use only whole, clean ingredients that will sustain your pet’s spirit for many years to come. As part of their commitment to honesty and transparency in their foods, they not only tell you what goes in the food but also why they chose that ingredient and the nutritional benefit those ingredients provide!

As BareItAll did research into the ingredients they wanted to use they came up with a plan: feature limited ingredients, no unnecessary fillers, use ingredients their customers know about and are comfortable with, and use sustainably grown/produced ingredients wherever possible. So BareItAll had their plan and their ideals, they just needed a healthy protein source that dogs would like, aren’t generally allergic to, and is sustainable.

It was around this time that they learned about the Asian Carp Epidemic that has been plaguing the MidWest and things immediately clicked.  “So we have an incredibly healthy, sustainable product in our backyard that is an invasive species and it doesn’t currently have any uses? Perfect!” Turns out that Asian Carp have a very similar nutritional profile as to Salmon, but do not have any of the Mercury concerns because they don’t eat other fish.  They found their sustainable protein source and started testing!

  • BareItAll is dedicated to Producing healthy pet food with ingredients that are easy to understand.
  • They have an immense focus on community with a goal to eliminate the systemic euthanasia of dogs and cats around the country.
  • Their products are created with sustainability in mind and work to reduce the Asian Carp population in our waterways.

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