The Humane Alternative

Advantek’s mission is to provide pets with safe shelter. They firmly believe that pets aren’t just animals we keep, they are family.

Advantek is the humane alternative to pet containment. They’re the only company actively seeking to provide animals with an appropriate amount of space, even if it means recommending coops for fewer animals than our competitors would. Their chickening expert helps them design their chicken coops, making sure each bird has the proper amount of space to be healthy and happy.

Advantek’s goal is to provide safe and comfortable shelter to pets, helping our furry friends feel loved while improving their overall well-being.

The company is continuing to focus on the growing customer needs.  Within the last year, they’ve conducted in-depth research and are applying their findings to meet the new market demands.
  • An expanding customer base has sparked new creative designs that better fit a higher demand for lifestyle products
  • Chickens and rabbits are integrated in to the family setting, and with this comes a desire for a higher quality of life.  Thus, they are increasing habitat size to meet the needs of their consumers
  • Buckling down on quality control has lead to greater consumer satisfaction
  • They added a brand new line of upgraded gazebos with increased features & benefits and price protection
Advantek wants to become a destination lifestyle brand – A brand in which dog, rabbit and chicken owners can be confident that their beloved pet is being well cared for and comfortable. A brand where Advantek is helping pets and pet owners to live life better, simply.

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Animal Supply Company South

Arkansas, Louisiana, Mississippi, Oklahoma, & Texas.


Lone Star Pet

Phone | 888.477.7414
Fax | 800.888.6532

Southland Supply

Phone | 877.554.7881
Fax | 972.438.1584

Independent Pet Supply

Independent Pet Supply

Phone | 360.668.5050

Nelson Wholesale Service

Nelson Wholesale Service

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Veterinary Service, Inc.

Arizona, California, Hawaii, Idaho, Montana, Nevada, Oregon, Washington, & Utah.


VSI – Albany, OR

Phone | 541.926.8000
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VSI – Modesto, CA

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VSI – Riverside, CA

Phone | 951.328.4900
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