Our Brands

Changing Perspectives on Pet Industry Representation

Applaws specializes in making pet food that delivers health and wellbeing to all animals. Applaws’ pet food contains all natural ingredients making it the best pet food for keeping your cats and dogs in peak condition.


At Supreme, we pride ourselves on being passionate about our small furry friends. Supreme pet foods and products are specialized for small mammals, offering nutritious and responsible products to keep pets happy and healthy.


Advantek leverages years of pet product experience to make their pet products simply better. From sustainable animal housing to the best humane animal traps on the market, Advantek’s line of products make a difference.

Smokehouse Products has been preparing quality, all-natural dog treats since 1991. All of their treats are focused on delivering nutritious pet treats that feature a slow-roasted flavor to them. Using real beef, pork, chicken, and other meats, Smokehouse products really are a treat to pets.

Fruitables exists in the pet food market to ask the question, “Why can’t pet foods be as exciting as they are healthy?” Fruitables produces an entire line of treats for animals that have unique and mouth-watering flavors, but also keep them healthy at the same time.

Estes’ has been the undisputed leader in aquarium gravel for many years now. An unrivaled family history in the pet product market combined with a quality product has kept its signature gravel and the Estes name on top of the market and continues to do so to this day.

BioBubble Pets

BioBubble Pets is a world-renowned award-winning designer and manufacturer of small animal habitats and educational projects for the home and classroom. BioBubbles are the world’s most versatile animal habitats.


Specializing in fish and pet products, Lee’s is a family owned and operated company based in California. Manufactured and packaged locally here in the United States, Lee’s is proud to offer high quality aquarium and pet products to dealers across the world.