Our Brands

Changing Perspectives on Pet Industry Representation

Applaws specializes in making pet food that delivers health and wellbeing to all animals. Applaws’ pet food contains all natural ingredients making it the best pet food for keeping your cats and dogs in peak condition.


Advantek leverages years of pet product experience to make their pet products simply better. From sustainable animal housing to the best humane animal traps on the market, Advantek’s line of products make a difference.

Smokehouse Products has been preparing quality, all-natural dog treats since 1991. All of their treats are focused on delivering nutritious pet treats with a slow-roasted flavor. Using real beef, pork, chicken, and other meats, Smokehouse products really are a treat to pets.

EQyss Grooming Products manufactures Premium quality grooming products using Scientifically Superior ingredients, formulations, and manufacturing processes. Their brands include Micro-Tek®, Premier, Mega-Tek®, Flea-Bite®, and Avocado Mist®


Dentables are an innovative line of dental chews for dogs. Unlike most dental chews that utilize starches and grains, Dentables features easily digestible casein (milk protein) as the primary ingredient.

Cheezie Chews are a revolutionary line of dog chews focused on providing pet owners with a great tasting, healthy, functional chew for their dog. Their products include Rawhide Free Knotted Chews and U.S. Beef Hide Chews with Himalayan Brand Cheese

WizSmart’s eco-friendly Super Absorbent Dog Pads dog has several unique features and benefits unlike anything else you’ll find. It absorbs all of the liquids your dog eliminates in a day, up to 8 cups! It dries quickly, it won’t leak, it stays put, and thanks to a one-of-kind attractant formula, your dog always knows where to find it.

BareItAll Petfoods started because they care about our pet’s health, the environment, and community.  They make healthy pet foods with ingredients you know the name of so you don’t have to guess what you are feeding your furry friend.

Therabis develops natural supplements that help your pet live as happily and comfortably as possible. Backed by 25 years of veterinary expertise and powered by proprietary formulations, their products are designed to address the specific areas that challenge your pet.
Red Dog Blue Kat is committed to creating positive change in the pet food industry and the way we look at nutrition. They envision a world where all food is grown naturally, sustainably and is processed in a manner that preserves its natural nutrients.

At R2P Pet, they make products with a purpose. Their interactive, durable dog toys and feline-friendly cat toys keep pets active and help promote a long-lasting bond between pet and parent.

Bio-Pro Research Products are focused on quality and performance, driving their commitment to ensure their customers experience uncompromising results. Urine off products work on all urine stains and surfaces, with powerful microorganisms that consume urine components, safely removing urine stains and odors

HempMy Pet’s mission is to be your trusted source for Organic, Hemp Infused Pet products. As a vertically integrated Hemp Company, they stand behind the quality and integrity of our products, from seed to sale, 100%.

Estes’ has been the undisputed leader in aquarium gravel for many years now. An unrivaled family history in the pet product market combined with a quality product has kept its signature gravel and the Estes name on top of the market and continues to do so to this day.


Specializing in fish and pet products, Lee’s is a family owned and operated company based in California. Manufactured and packaged locally here in the United States, Lee’s is proud to offer high quality aquarium and pet products to dealers across the world.

Fruitables exists in the pet food market to ask the question, “Why can’t pet foods be as exciting as they are healthy?” Fruitables produces an entire line of treats for animals that have unique and mouth-watering flavors, but also keep them healthy at the same time.